October 13, 2004




Jeff Yurka has been the center point of an evolving Nike department with increasing demands and needs. With over 4,000 employees to support and 10,000 annual requests for equipment and services, having a database that can effectively track and navigate through critical data is imperative. Jeff's knowledge, creative insight, and ability to streamline a database design that meets our needs has proven his company is worthy of a partnership that we can rely on. Updates, changes and implementation have been seamless with his commitment to solutions and being available to respond along with his patience and his willingness to go the extra mile to see that we are operational at all times. He is proactive and forthcoming with suggestions that keep us current with best methods and practices with regard to software improvements and updates.


Since his expertise is not something we have as a core focus we often don't know what it is we need, we know what the end result or desired function may be but Jeff has a methodical process that works towards suggesting and designing a process or solution that gets us the results we are after. The layouts are intuitive and user friendly making it easy to navigate and input information accurately.


Other internal clients have worked with Jeff and he continues to be someone we can rely on and evolve with. I would not hesitate to recommend him for the services he offers.


Kind regards,

Alan Klockman

AV Technical Services Manager

Nike WHQ

P 503-532-6333

F 503-532-6444