Parlor Puzzle

As our small company has grown in complexity and sophistication we have identified the need for a corresponding increase in technical capability and support in critical business areas.

In addition to a higher level of expertise, we also insisted on a degree of personal integrity that allowed us to consider our technical design and support resource as a personal member of our team.

For several years now we have been fortunate to have Jeff Yurka as our de facto team member. In his work with us he has analyzed our administrative management needs and designed new program features to meet those needs and help us reach our operational goals as a company.

Jeff not only develops programs to our specific requirements, he also tests them, fine tunes the new features to enhance their suitability, and trains our personnel in their use.

Even when our concepts are only in the brainstorm stage, Jeff is a great catalyst in his consultative role with us and always welcomes our input.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions concerning our professional relationship with Mr. Yurka.

Bob David

Larry Clarke
VP Market Development